In June 2013, I lost my job, along with about 14 other members of my company. I was exactly, to the day, one month short of reaching my one-year anniversary as a full-time salaried employee in an entry-level position. 

It’s now two days before Christmas, and my unemployment benefits have run out. A lot has happened in the few months between, but I can tell you that sitting around waiting for my $336 weekly unemployment deposit from the state of New York has not been one of them.  

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Where Have All the Feminists Gone?

Reclaiming words is nothing new to feminists, whether it’s “bitch,” “cunt,” or even the word “feminist.” It can be an empowering way to take the power back from the detractors and redefine words that are meant to hurt or damage certain groups of people. 

The way feminism was taught to me, that word and an ideology was simply defined as “your life choices not being narrowed by your gender” And it’s a concept I still hold in those terms, for family, career, and life. With that in mind, I have never seen why some women, or anybody really, would not claim to be a feminist. 

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